Cabling The Region Fifty Years On

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‘The Buy Kenya Build Kenya Campaign’ and the introduction of 40% local content legislation has been a blessing to manufacturers.

We are very proud of the fact that there isn’t an iconic building in this country that we have not cabled. Think of KICC, Times Towers, Britam, UAP, Nairobi Hospital – all these we have cabled,” says Phyllis Gachau, the Group Marketing Manager, East African Cables (EAC).

The company does not only excel in making house wiring cables but also in manufacturing transmission and distribution conductors. They have supplied these cables largely to utility companies such as: Kenya Power, KETRACO, and regional utilities; Umeme in Uganda, TANESCO in Tanzania, and ZECO in Zanzibar among others.

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Local content
Regarding the local market, ‘The Buy Kenya Build Kenya Campaign’ and the introduction of 40% local content legislation has been a blessing to manufacturers. The local content drive

“Recently the company alongside others, under the Kenya Association of Manufactures, engaged the criminal investigation directorate (CID) on issues of counterfeiting.”

has seen increased orders especially towards the Last Mile connections program. “The support we are seeing
from government ensuring that the manufacturing industry supplies government projects is a step in the right direction, spurring job and industry growth.”

Following the growth in demand in both the regional and local market for cables, EAC embarked on an expansion
strategy in the last two years to increase its production capacity. Phyllis notes, “We began an expansion program in 2014 to increase our capacity, and we
have since tripled our capacity making us the largest producer of electrical cables and conductors in the region”

Besides expanding its capacity, East African Cables also recently introduced a new product in the market called Aerial The most important stakeholder however is the electrician and as Phyllis notes, “an electrician is a very critical person to us because in the retail space they are involved in the recommendation of the design of the electrical work.”

It is in recognition of this fact that the company established the ‘Fundi Bora’ club in 2013 made up of qualified electricians. “The industry is plagued with quacks masquerading as electricians. As such, they are prone to using counterfeit products that are substandard leading to major losses for the client as more often than not, the jobs need to be repeated,” she adds.
In summing up, Phyllis promised that the company will continue supplying the region with high quality cables

We have a number of stakeholders that we work with and an electrician is a very critical person to us because in the retail space they are involved in the recommendation of the design of the electrical work.
– Phyllis Gachau


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