This award is open to all companies in the energy sector and seeks to recognize companies that have implemented policies geared towards promoting the empowerment of women. This could be through gender initiative to address the existing gender gap through work place programs or support of women initiative in the sector

-Should demonstrate inclusiveness and strong gender diversity programs
– Should demonstrate the financial contribution made by inclusiveness of women in achieving profitability
-Clear demonstration of sustainability efforts to impact on the community
-Sustainable programs that have an impact on society leaning towards the advancement of women

1Gender Policy-Clearly communicated gender policy in place
-Clear demonstration of inclusiveness and strong gender diversity programs within the organization
2Impact criteriaShow the impact of the gender policy to the organisation and growth of the gender initiatives
3Shown Profitability Must show profitability and growth in revenue with a clear demonstration on the contribution by the diversity programs
4Empowerment Program-Demonstrate an empowerment program at community level
-Sustainable programs that have impact on society geared to women
Women in Energy

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