Integrated Solar Cells in Roofing Tiles in the Digital Age

March 2, 2018 | | Conference

Charity Wanjiku, Strauss Energy

As our society has become increasingly technology dependent, energy has become a critical commodity for the way we work and play. One way Kenya can generate more power is by installing roofing tiles integrated with solar cells which are manufactured by Strauss Energy. Charity Wanjiku, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Strauss Energy presented the two-in-one roofing tiles at the 2017 Women in Energy Awards and Conference. In homes, the power generating roofing tiles can generate up to 2.5 times the power required for lighting, cooking, powering digital technology such as cell phones and laptops, among many other uses.

While there are models that supply the roofing tiles with the built-in solar cells at the grassroots level, the Strauss Energy roofing tiles are best implemented during real estate development and construction. To increase the uptake of solar roofing, Strauss Energy is undertaking projects to reduce the cost of solar energy storage and transitioning from chemical batteries to more environmentally friendly options and renewable resources.

The integrated solar cell roofing technology can allow Kenya to reduce the energy gap by sharing excess power generated with neighbors. For additional value, the excess energy can be sold to the grid, following the implementation of the Net Metering Policy by the Ministry of Energy. With the additional energy, Kenya can avail more energy for manufacturing and industries at lower rates.


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