Opportunities as Service Providers in the Energy Sector

March 16, 2018 | | Conference

By training, Hellen Odegi is a biochemist. Four years ago she transitioned into the energy sector founding Skylon Global Company, an energy company that installs solar roofs, biogas digesters and electrical fittings. In the future, Hellen Odegi anticipates working in power generation. She is also the 2016 Women in Energy Award winner of the Community Leadership Award.

Ms. Odegi advised the participants at the 2017 Women in Energy Awards and Conference that the energy sector is a large value chain where women can plug in at any point. While there are many large and mega projects that require huge capital investment, there are numerous simpler businesses where women can make contributions. For example, women can become service providers, installing ready-made solar systems, taking advantage of manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees for energy devices and technologies.

She added this service model can be extended to contracting professionals to provide solutions for energy parastatals, electrical installation, engineering services, construction, etc. In such businesses, women would find new business to contract registered to professionals to do actual work. All that is required is creativity and networking with seasoned veterans to help solve complex systems and problems.


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