Pink Energy: Building Diversity in Energy Sector Large and Mega Projects

March 16, 2018 | | Conference

KenGen has rolled out Pink Energy, a women development program, chaired by Catherine Nyambala. Pink Energy will provide women an avenue to more fully participate in mega energy projects. It will also ensure women have a voice in all the major committees including project implementation teams, innovation seminars and other such forums.

Pink Energy enjoys the support of KenGen CEO Rebecca Miano, a founding patron of the program. The goals of Pink Energy include engaging in partnerships with women through like Safaricom Women in Technology WIT and Strathmore University to empower more women and increase women participation large in mega projects.

The KenGen’s Impact on Kenya’s Energy Landscape

KenGen is a big influencer of Kenya’s energy landscape. When we talk about energy, we talk about the trilemma—the triangle of energy which includes (1) access, (2) social impact and sustainability (greenness) and (3) energy security, which also considers the funding the energy projects. Women in Energy Awards and Conference is focused on social impact, especially to women.

KenGen is a key player in shaping Kenya’s energy trilemma. It is public knowledge that KenGen wishes to release 721 MW of energy beginning in 2019 through 2020, changing the landscape of the Kenya’s energy. The hope is that the 20% lower time-of-use tariffs will spur growth in the manufacturing industry.

Looking at the sustainability and environmental impact, the entire 721 MW is green energy. It is comprised of 631 MW from geothermal and 90 MW from wind.

With respect to funding security, there are projects that have already been funded through the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA and on-going funding talks for the others.

In other elements of landscape, KenGen is at the forefront of innovation hosting an annual seminar for KenGen staff to float ideas. The ideas are received in partnerships with universities with the goal of improving them. KenGen hopes that through Women in Energy Awards and Conference more women will participate in the annul seminar and share their ideas.

Lastly, KenGen is diversifying its efforts by introducing a subsidiary which will engage in other energy services, not necessary related to energy generation.


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