Preventing Kitchen-Smoke Related Deaths and Illnesses

March 2, 2018 | | Conference

Dr. Mbaari Kinya, Women in Energy & Environment Technology Enterprises Ltd

  • Holistic human capital development and skills development
  • Mama Mboga to Energy Entrepreneur
    • Women who mostly live in rural areas and informal settlements
  • In Kenya, each month 1,000 people die from kitchen-related smoke inhalation illness
    • Mostly affects women with poor education or women who lack resources to further education
  • Every 20 mins a Kenyan child under 5 dies from kitchen smoke related pneumonia
  • In 2016, World Economic Forum ranked Kenya as 120/130 and in 2017 Kenya moved up to 78/130, improvement in the national economic development did not impact Mama Mboga
  • The population of Nairobi is over 4 million, 60% of whom live in informal settlements
  • KAM CEO recommends the use of Technical and Vocational Education and Training TVET to improve the living conditions of women living in informal settlements
    • Emphasis on learning the women’s interests either one-on-one or within church setting to determine way forward
  • In March 2016 World Bank published Kenya Economic Update with the following findings
    • Informal should not be normal
    • Majority of Kenyans, especially women and youth, are locked into low productivity wage jobs due to the limited quality jobs
  • Kinya has established a program with NITA to tackle public health issues by addressing
    • Business training, mental attitudes, cultural socialization of men and women, mechanical and automotive skills
    • Jiko (cook stoves) makers that use ethanol and LPG
  • Increase uptake of LPG gas for cooking and transition away from wood energy to safer environmentally friendly forms of energy for cooking
  • Measure emissions per day


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