Women in Energy

Powering Women in the Energy Sector

Challenges Mitigation efforts of the conference and awards ;
Lack of role models of women who have been successful in the sector to encourage other women to engageIt will showcase successful projects in the regions and entrepreneurs who will discuss the challenges and way forward.
Career women in the sector will talk about what they have done in the sector so far .
Low level of awareness of the sector opportunities and how to tap into them.Various firms in the sector will showcase opportunities in that area . Capacity building initiatives by partners will be shown. The support mechanism through the energy hub will also be enhanced
Lack of networking opportunities where women in the sector can interact and grow each otherWith no formal networking opportunity, the event will provide new round of discussions on how to hold each other hand in this sector and through the energy hub constant consultations can be triggered. We will also look at mentors who will come in and help the advice budding engineers and entrepreneurs
Lack of access to credit for energy business entrepreneurs at the rural and SME levelThe event will also highlight the opportunities for funding for green energy and open opportunities for further training on business skills
Lack of incubation, coaching and mentoring opportunities available to small scale entrepreneurs, researchers and other innovators in the energy sectorThe need to continuously inspire, recognize and rewards efforts by women in the sector cannot go unnoticed. The programme will help to address this issues also.

The role of women in the energy sector
To show case journey to the C-suite
Empowering and steering the women into leadership by understanding the fundamentals to leadership.
Women in innovation
Are gender laws opportunities or hindrances

Women and men in senior positions within the energy and related industry sectors
High potential women looking to enhance and advance their careers
Industry professionals responsible for hiring, developing and advancing an unbiased workforce.
Business people in the energy sector