WOMEN & ENERGY 2016: The Push by Public Sector; Why It matters; Policy and regulation in the Kenyan context

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By Eng. Joseph Njoroge PS, Ministry of Energy

·         As part of CSR Corporates were challenged to go to girls schools and encourage  by

    • Providing opportunities for attachment
    • Opening up Space  for employment
    • Participate in school and colleges engagements and hold forums at girls schools to inspire

·         Constitutional requirement by law;

  • Involve women in decision making at all levels in business
  • Although the number of women is high at other departmental level. In  engineering division
    women the percentage of women is very low

AGPO opportunities; Why it is key

Money made by the women doing business goes back to uplift standards at homes

  •  Encourage women to participate and register businesses.
  • Companies registered under AGPO should get exemption from any pre-qualifications.
  • Therefore AGPO holders must be encouraged to do business in the energy sector

Payment of debts

  • Government has prioritized the payment of debts to AGPO companies. Companies have been urged to take advantage of this opportunity

Local Content Buy Kenya, Build Kenya – 40% local content

  • The women were encouraged to pursue this area in the sector.
  • The 30% in the 40% local content must be adhered  and implemented
  • It was noted that it is expensive to train an engineer hence they must be motivated and given


  • CSR programs should start right in primary schools and ensure the pipeline of girls to sciences is
    not lost on the way.
  • All AGPO companies must be given priority and access to opportunities to bid.
  • AGPO companies should not be pre-qualified again after certification by Treasury.
  • The ministry target is 40% not 30% as per Government regulation; the threshold that business
    must go to AGPO companies.
  •  Affirmative action in recruitment and placing of female engineers in the sector is a priority.
  •  Companies to champion school programs




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